SCIEX Microscale Separations Innovation Medal Award for current and breakthrough research in the field of electro-driven separations 

sciex logoThis annual award recognizes current and breakthrough contributions to the field of electro-driven separations and comprises a medal, a diploma, and a prize. The award recipient has made significant contributions to the field of electro-driven separations. This can be across a number of different formats and range from fundamental developments to an extraordinary applied use. Evidence is presented for one or more of the following outstanding accomplishments:

award photo

  • Conceptualization and development of unique instrumentation with an impact on electro-driven separations that has substantively advanced the field
  • Development of novel and important electro-driven methods or methodologies with significant beneficial applications in analytical sciences
  • Elucidation of fundamental phenomena involved in electro-driven separations

The work being recognized is current, meaning only research and achievements of the past 5 years are considered. The deadline for nomination is September 30th, to be considered for the following year’s award.